Wedding Catering Near Me in Austin

If you’re looking for wedding catering near me in Austin, then you’re looking for Pok-e-Jo’s Smokehouse. Pok-e-Jo’s has been catering weddings in Austin and the Central Texas region for decades. So, after hundreds and hundreds of couples have been hitched with the sweet taste of Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ sauce on their lips, Pok-e-Jo’s has learned a thing or two about catering weddings.


The first question people usually ask when talking with Pok-e-Jo’s about catering their wedding is, do you only offer bar-b-que? Well, that seems like a silly question, because why wouldn’t you want to serve your guests the mouth-watering goodness of Pok-e-Jo’s smoked brisket, sausage, turkey and all those amazing sides? But the simple answer is, yes, Pok-e-Jo’s offers much more than just bar-b-que for your wedding reception.


If you’ve spent any time looking through the catering options on our web site, then you know about our BBQ menu. But have you heard about Pok-e-Jo’s fajita buffet? It can be perfect for the informal to formal-ish wedding party. Beef and chicken fajitas piled high with all the right fixin’s. Pico de gallo, salsa, chips, guacamole, fresh tortillas, all the salad-y toppings – creating the perfect fajita buffet for your wedding guests to enjoy. Everyone loves fajitas. And, a fajita buffet is one of the most cost-effective buffet options you can order.


BBQ is a must at Pok-e-Jo’s. And the fajitas aren’t far behind. But you should also ask about some of our other menus, like our smokehouse menu with prime rib, our grilled on-site burger menu, our appetizer options, and so much more. Pok-e-Jo’s, or our sister company, PEJ Events, can create custom menus for your wedding just like you want. With a selection of cold and hot appetizers, seafood, steak, chicken, roasted meats, all kinds of sides, vegetables, and desserts. Pok-e-Jo’s are the “pros” when it comes to wedding catering near me in Austin. So, give us a call, and say “I do.”



One of our favorite things is hearing from our favorite people–our guests in our store and on our catered events! And sometimes, like a proud parent showing you the latest macaroni art masterpiece made by their pre-schooler, we just have to share some of these comments from our customers. Here’s a few:

Alicia S on Yelp:
We were coming in from California looking to host a catered a BBQ for 45 ppl during UT’s graduation weekend. Their online site made it super easy to figure out what we needed. We ordered over the phone & paid when we picked up the order. They had everything ready to go – serving spoons, dinnerware, napkins, cups, ice – and they loaded the boxes of food into the car for me. Nothing spilled! It was expertly packed. They even lined the box of ice with plastic to prevent leaks. We were in and out in under 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’d never had their food before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The ribs were falling off the bone and the chicken was so tender. I should also say I typically don’t like BBQ but Pok-E-Joe’s was the Graduate’s choice. I especially liked the mac n cheese and the potato salad. This is probably the only potato salad i will ever eat – more mustardy than mayonnaise-y – so sad I can’t get it back in Cali!

Diana on Wedding Wire:
It was a pleasure to work with Jason, Carissa and the catering staff on the day of the wedding. After reviewing the proposal and menu, I requested several adjustments, which Jason was very accommodating about. The meal was very elegant with a Texas hospitality flare. The food was great and plentiful. The prices were reasonable and the service very professional. The quote did not include a service charge or tip. I tipped the catering staff the day of the event. I decided to use PokeJo’s as my wedding catere after securing proposals and menus from many other local ones. I found the best value offered by PokeJo’s. My wedding was mostly DIY. Everything came together beautifully. My menu consisted of the shrimp avocado shooters as appetizer, Brazos salad with spinach, strawberries and pecans, brisket, boneless chicken breast with pineapple salsa, baked potato and green bean casseroles. PokeJo’s provided bread, condiments, iced tea and lemonade. I opted to have them provide ivory linens for my seating tables and decorated with votive candles and mason jar flower center pieces. It looked festive yet elegant and not pretentious. Everything was as promised and I could not be happier!

Via Email:
Yes, I definitely wanted to send a thank you and big shout out to everyone over at Pok-e-Jo’s! We had a wonderful time and the food was AMAZE-BALLS!

That’s right. Our catering is amazeballs.

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Top 10 Reasons to Order Catering From Pok-e-Jo’s

1. Mom said it’s your turn to make dinner for the family and you know she doesn’t want Hot Pockets or Pop Tarts

2. You and your co-workers are tired of pizza and sandwiches

3. You’re getting married and this is Texas

4. Your boss reminded you it’s your day to get lunch…and it’s 11 o’clock.

5. Because #AustinTraffic

6. Because you got a degree in business management, not Rib-eral Arts.

7. Because the kitchen is all the way over there, and your phone is just right here next to you

8. That’s what we do: We smoke meat and we know things.

9. Because you were catching up on Game of Thrones this weekend instead of cooking like you said you would. We don’t judge, we love it too.

10. Because BBQ. Do you really need any other reason?

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Vegetarians Can Eat Pok-e-Jo’s?

Yes, Pok-e-Jo’s is a BBQ place.

But we are also in Austin, and that means that when you’re feeding a large group, some of those people are going to need something other than some delicious smoked meats, and some can’t have the bread that goes along with it. That’s right, we’re talking about vegetarians and gluten free folks. And even if we are a meat company, we welcome you at our events, herbivores. Come on over to our buffet, gluten-be-goners. We’re going to take care of you.

Our most popular vegetarian entree item is our smoked veggie skewers (pictured above). These are seasonal vegetables that we skewer up, marinate, and smoke until they’re so tasty that your meat eaters will be trying to swipe them. We often do these as a straight swap for the meat portion for your vegetarian guests, making it really easy to get your order in. Just tell us how many people in your group are vegetarians, and we take it from there.

Want to go a different direction than the skewers for your vegetarians? We can hit you with our house made quinoa salad. This item has been a favorite on weddings and full service events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it for your office. Just make the request when you place your order and you’ll see why we’re so proud of this one.

Want to do salads for your vegetarians? We got you. How about baked potatoes? Sure thing. They just want a bunch of our sides? We don’t blame them, they’re great. The point is, vegetarians have options with us. And we’re a BBQ place. Boom.

If you have gluten free members of your crowd, we make things easy on you too. Our meats are gluten free, our BBQ sauce is gluten free, and 7 of our 13 sides are gluten free, so you have lots of great options to keep your gluten free friends/co-workers/guests fed and happy.

We just want you to remember, no matter the diet restrictions you have in your group, we can help you out, and make it easy on you to boot! No need to call multiple places and deal with multiple vendors; Pok-e-Jo’s is here for you, vegetarians, those who are gluten free.

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12. Read the first chapter of War and Peace and then download the Cliffnotes version
11. Work on your dance moves
10. Build that IKEA furniture you bought 3 months ago
9. Grow out your moustache?
8. Do some Pok-e-Fit workouts
7. Take a power nap, you deserve it
6. Listen to the entire “Thriller” album. Twice.
5. Fill out your TPS report (don’t forget to use the new cover sheets)
4. Get a head start on dinner and order a Pok-e-Jo’s family pack for a 6 o’clock pick up
3. Watch Smokey and the Bandit
2. Look at roughly 1800 hilarious cat pictures
1. Worry about anything else but the food–because we’ve got you covered

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Austin’s #1 BBQ Caterer

We’re #1! We’re #1!

That’s right everyone. The company that has always been #1 in your hearts is actually the #1 BBQ caterer here in Central Texas! And, in case you were wondering, #1 when you google “bbq catering austin TX” 🙂

Catering means different things to different people, and at Pok-e-Jo’s, catering means… a lot of different things. It can mean picking up food at one of our stores. It can mean we deliver and set up a buffet for you. Our staff could be on site to give you the “full service” experience. We can even class it up for a wedding, banquet, or upscale event.

While we do offer different menus for catering, what we’re most known for are our BBQ packages, and if you remember one word when you think of our catering, we want it to be this: Easy. With our BBQ packages, picking out your menu is nice and easy. Pick two or three meats. That’s right, any two or three meats on our menu. Pick three sides. We don’t limit you to just the classics potato salad, coleslaw, and beans (admittedly, with all these options it can be tough to narrow it down to just three sides). Then we include some of our home-brewed iced tea to wash it all down, cookies for dessert (ask about our peach cobbler, too), and all the stuff that tastes good with BBQ. That would be pickles, onions, jalapenos, and bread to those that may be BBQ newbies. With all of these delicious foods and tasty beverages you might think “what am i gonna put all in this in or serve it on?” Don’t fret partner, we have you covered there too. Every Pok-e-Jo’s catering package comes with plenty of plates, cups, eating ware, and serving ware to serve your entire group. You provide the people, and we’ll do the rest!

We also make it easy to order when you call our catering hotline. You’re not going to get someone who is doing three things at once; we have dedicated catering staff ready to answer your call, answer your questions, and help you pick out the food that’s best for your group. Is the event a potluck you’re providing meat for? Are you feeding “ballerinas or linebackers”? Are you just looking for sides? We know there are a lot of variables that go into feeding a group, and we can help you work through all of them.

Our last point: just look at these ribs though:

We rest our case.

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Catering Heroes: Saving the Day and Just A Phone Call Away

In a world, where the need for catered meals is at its greatest, where unexpected guests arrive…unexpectedly and quality takes a back seat to fast food, there comes the need for the greatest among us to rise…we call them Catering Heroes!

Just a few weeks ago, we received a call from a person who was clearly distressed. They had hired another catering company to provide a dinner for 50 people that evening, and the caterer never showed! Luckily, this person, we will call her “Bernadette,” picked up the phone and called Pok-e-Jo’s catering hotline at 512-388-7578. Within an hour of her call, we arrived with a meal of Brisket, Sausage, 4 sides, iced tea, cookies, and all the fixings. Not only were “Bernadette’s” guests fed, but once she placed her order, “Bernadette” was able to sit back and relax, knowing that we would take care of her.

So the next time that you’ve got to feed a hungry horde of board members, a gaggle of guests, or even a plethora of partiers, know that Pok-e-Jo’s is only a phone call away from saving your bacon with a delicious, worry free catered meal of barbecue or fajitas!

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What are Y’all Smokin’? Oh, It’s Fajitas!

Pok-e-Jo’s Smokehouse, a name that has become synonymous with tender brisket, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, homemade potato salad and other great bbq traditions, is dedicated to making delicious meals born from Texas traditions. Many think of us solely as a “bbq joint”, what many don’t realize is that the same pits that smoke that tender brisket and those pork ribs also smoke fantastic fajitas! That’s right, you can order smoked beef and chicken fajitas served with borracho beans, pico de gallo, chips and queso and much more to cater your office meeting, game day tailgate or pool party (margarita machine not included).

Pok-e-Jo’s offers two fajita packages, both made to order with homemade meats, sides, salsas and come with plates, serving and eating ware as well as iced tea, lemons and cups. The first package, our Basic Fajita Package, comes with both smoked skirt steak and chicken fajita meat served with smoked onions and bell peppers. This package includes borracho pinto beans, spanish rice, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, picante salsa and tortilla chips all handmade and prepared in house for each order, and also includes sour cream and flour tortillas. The second package, The Deluxe Fajita Package, has everything from the previous package and more! In addition to everything in the basic package, the Deluxe Fajita Package comes with homemade chile con queso made with our house pico de gallo and melted cheese, also included is our guacamole made fresh to order for every package making the Deluxe Package a complete fajita experience. Both packages come with plates, serving ware and tea and are available for pickup or delivery and set up. Due to the fact that we must prepare each package to order, please be aware that we will typically need 12-24 hours notice for any fajita order.

So if you love Pok-e-Jo’s bbq but are ready to spice things up and try something new, give any of our locations a call today and ask about our fabulous smoked fajitas today!

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