Backyard BBQ Catering Near Me in Austin

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you might be on the hunt for backyard bbq catering near me in Austin. Fun fact: did you know May is actually national barbecue month? With the weather warming up the whole family will want to be in the backyard enjoying the sunshine. The only thing that makes a backyard picnic even better is barbeque, especially barbeque you didn’t have to cook. Pok-e-Jo’s takes the guess work out and takes your backyard bbq to the next level.

Think ribs, pulled pork, sausage, brisket, and so. many. sides. You’re sure to find something even the pickiest of eaters will love. We’ve got mac n cheese, green bean casserole, broccoli salad, and a potato casserole that’ll knock your socks off. The list doesn’t stop there! Finish off your bbq with a healthy slice of peach or cherry cobbler or a hearty scoop of banana pudding and you’ve got yourself a backyard bbq that no one will forget.

Backyard bbq catering near me with Pok-e-Jo’s means less time worrying about the food, more time enjoying the fam. Give us a call and we’ll walk ya through it.

Catering Near Me for Wedding in Austin

It’s February, which means love is in the air and wedding season is right around the corner. Lucky for you, so is Pok-e-Jo’s. So if you’re looking for catering near me for wedding in Austin, you’re in luck. Pok-e-Jo’s has been catering weddings in and around Austin for decades. After so many weddings, Pok-e-Jo’s knows a thing or two about how to see a wedding off without a hitch, ya know, other than getting the couple hitched.

The first question people usually ask when talking with Pok-e-Jo’s about catering their wedding is, do you only offer bar-b-que? Well, that seems like a silly question, because why wouldn’t you want to serve your guests the mouth-watering goodness of Pok-e-Jo’s smoked brisket, sausage, turkey and all those amazing sides? But the simple answer is, no, Pok-e-Jo’s offers much more than just bar-b-que for your wedding reception. Our sister company, PEJ Events, is in charge of our full service catering, including weddings. PEJ is able to offer the famous Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ, plus an amazing array of entrees, seafood, steaks, appetizers, desserts, with hundreds of options.

With Pok-e-Jo’s, you can ensure your guests won’t leave hungry. You pick the place to party, they’ll bring the delicious food to keep the energy up all night – brisket, pulled pork, spicy sausage, turkey breast, chicken, pork ribs, you name it. And you can’t forget about the sides – jalapeno cornbread casserole, baked potato casserole, green bean casserole, mac n’ cheese, Texas fries, pinto beans, potato salad, sautéed veggies. The list goes on and on. If you’re aiming for a more “upscale” vibe, Pok-e-Jo’s catering company, PEJ Events, offers even more options. From steak and shrimp, to pasta and tacos, you’re sure to find something to perfectly compliment your big day.

So, if delicious food and decades of experience is what you’re after, give their Wedding Catering Hotline a call at (512) 388-7578. A Wedding Specialist is waiting to help make your day as special and seamless as possible. They’ll hold your hand the entire way, except down the aisle. Don’t wait, if you’re looking for catering near me for wedding in Austin, you’ve come to the right place. Go ahead, give Pok-e-Jo’s a call.

Catering Near Me for Wedding in Austin

You know what happens during the holidays? People do crazy things like buy diamond rings and give them to their girlfriends so they can get married. Then they tell their parents the good news at New Years.

You know what else that means? Lots of parents and brides-to-be start searching on their phones for catering near me for wedding in Austin, because it’s time to rent a facility and find a caterer.

That’s where Pok-e-Jo’s comes in. If you’re lucky enough to land on Pok-e-Jo’s when you do your innerweb hunting, you’ll be taken care of in grand style. Pok-e-Jo’s is just about the most experienced catering company in Austin. That means they’ve seen more than a few wedding days and parties come and go, and they’ve made sure that after a couple gets hitched, things run effortlessly at the party.

Pok-e-Jo’s is known for barbeque so we might as well start there. If it’s a BBQ wedding you want, then Pok-e-Jo’s can make sure it’s a BBQ wedding you get. You find the facility, or cabin or barn or park, and we’ll bring the party. Pok-e-Jo’s will load up the vans, bringing everything you need for the party – brisket, spicy pork sausage, chopped beef for sandwiches, spicy Texas pulled pork for more sandwiches, turkey breast, chicken, and mounds of ribs.

With Pok-e-Jo’s catering you also get some of the most unique side items you can find at a BBQ joint-turned catering phenomenon. Pok-e-Jo’s has jalapeño cornbread casserole, baked potato casserole, green bean casserole, hot mac ‘n cheese, Texas fries, pinto beans, potato salad, even fresh sautéed vegetables. The list goes on and on. They’ve also got the perfect dessert to follow up wedding cake – peach or cherry cobbler.

Pok-e-Jo’s offers more than barbeque. From shrimp to steak to pork loin to pasta, Pok-e-Jo’s offers an entire suite of wedding catering options. Just give ‘em a call and build the reception menu of your dreams. It starts by calling the Wedding Catering Hotline at (512) 388-7578… Yes, we have a hotline for wedding catering. We have a Wedding Specialist ready to work with you and take care of all your needs. If you’re looking for catering near me for wedding in Austin, Pok-e-Jo’s will make you the happiest couple in town.

So, go ahead. Make your way to a local Austin jeweler, drop 3-month’s salary for a diamond ring, have that wedding, and we’ll bring you some ribs.

Best Catering Near Me in Austin

When you get on your phone or computer and type in a search for best catering near me in Austin, you’re probably going to find a whole lot of “bests” out there. Basically, anyone can claim to be the best, and if you run the numbers a lot, there are a lot of #1’s (i.e. Best Mexican Seafood/Japanese fusion run by a 42-year old born in Florida with a Doctorate in Philosophy). Yes, that’s random, but you get the point!

“Best” should have a couple of qualifiers:

First, it’s about the best food. That can be subjective, but we think at Pok-e-Jo’s that we’re darn close when we talk about the best food you can find from a catering company in Austin. Our bar-b-que catered at your wedding, corporate event, tailgate, or party just can’t be beat. It starts with the best meat in the business – BBQ beef brisket with the perfect bark, our smoked pork ribs with meat that falls off the bone, a big pile of steaming hot and spicy Texas pulled pork (great in a sandwich or on a fork!), turkey breast, roasted chicken, and our original recipe sausage. Then your choice of sauce or fixin’s to make it just the way you like it. We feel that is an easy claim to “best” catering in Austin.

Second, it’s about the service you receive from your catering company in Austin. Excellent service, just like most things, comes from experience. And experience? Pok-e-Jo’s has a whole lot of that. We’ve been catering Austin events for decades, so we’ve seen every challenge that can be thrown in front of us…rain, storms, wind, cold, heat, demanding mothers-of-the-bride, etc. Pok-e-Jo’s experience has led us to build a catering plan and process to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Your catering job will be on-time, as you ordered it, hot and delicious, and served with Texas hospitality. Our job as a caterer is to serve and not be seen. We make the party flow and run, but you don’t realize it is running so smooth because of the service of your caterer.

Third, Pok-e-Jo’s is an excellent value. We don’t call ourselves cheap catering, but we do call it catering at a value. Whether you choose bar-b-que, a fajita buffet, sandwiches for a corporate lunch, or any type of food you like through our sister catering firm, PEJ Events, you’ll likely be happy with what you receive based on the price you pay. We aim for satisfaction, and a big part of that is the value you receive for the money you pay.

So, go ahead and type in that search for “best catering near me in Austin” and see what you find. Then go to to find what “best” really means.

Why Not Try BBQ Catering Services in Austin

We had this family get-together at my house the other day – my cousin and his family were in from out of town, my aunt and uncle were coming over, plus all of my family was there. We always end up cooking a big meal, which is fun and nice, but we spend the whole time in the kitchen rather than enjoying a glass of wine and conversation – not to mention all the clean-up we have to do at the end of the meal. So, my aunt had an idea: “There are so many bbq catering services in Austin. Let’s just order Pok-e-Jo’s.”

Now that was an idea I could get behind.

First big question though – my cousin’s daughter is a vegetarian! But we quickly figured out we could order vegetarian kebabs from Pok-e-Jo’s to satisfy her dietary needs, so hurdle #1 was overcome.

Then we counted our number of people, and realized we had 16 people in total. This was perfect because it meant we could have our bbq catering services in Austin delivered by Pok-e-Jo’s. We didn’t even have to put on our coats and leave the house!

It was a really great experience. We all were just hanging out and having a good time. Our bbq delivery showed up right on time with everything we needed: plates, utensils, napkins, lots of bbq sauce, fresh-brewed iced tea, and an amazing spread of bbq to make everyone happy.

We decided to go with 3 meats and 3 sides. Our choices were beef brisket (because how can you call it a bbq meal without brisket!), pork ribs and the spicy Texas pulled pork (great for making a sandwich!). I know, we didn’t pick the sausage or something a bit lighter like the turkey or chicken, but we got what we wanted. For our sides, we went with the traditional pinto beans and coleslaw, but made it more interesting by choosing the jalapeño cornbread casserole as our third side. The white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies that normally come with bbq catering services from Pok-e-Jo’s are always good, but this time we chose to upgrade to peach cobbler for dessert. That’s my uncle’s favorite.

So why not try bbq catering services in Austin for your next get-together, even if it isn’t a big event? Pok-e-Jo’s made our evening perfect.

Barbecue Catering in Austin is a Sure Thing

There are three things in Austin you can be sure of: death, taxes, and amazing barbecue every which way you turn. But it’s a little trickier when it comes to finding good barbecue catering in Austin. There are lots of places that can serve you a plate of good food, but when it comes to feeding a whole office, or party, or wedding, or what have ya, that’s where things can get difficult.

After 40 years of smokin’ it slow and servin’ it up fast, Pok-e-Jo’s has perfected the art of barbecue catering. Pok-e-Jo’s is the best-known provider of barbecue catering in Austin. If you’ve been here long enough, you’re sure to have enjoyed at least one catered lunch featuring the fine meats and sides of Pok-e-Jo’s.

The Art of Barbeque Catering in Austin

Here’s why Pok-e-Jo’s is so good at it.

1. Experience. Like I just mentioned, 40 years of smoking tons of meat, serving it hot, and serving up hospitality has its benefits. Pok-e-Jo’s has probably catered every kind of event you could imagine in the sunshine, rain, sleet and snow. Pok-e-Jo’s still delivers. They provide the #1 barbecue catering in Austin.

2. The Staff. Pok-e-Jo’s has a large, experienced staff. Multiple parties can be fed and attended to all over town with this crew at the same time. They have the trucks, the kitchens, the supplies, and the people to make sure food is on time and right…every time.

3. Choice of Catering Options. For a small party, just pick it up. For a medium-sized event, Pok-e-Jo’s can just drop it off. Need a little more help? We’ll deliver it, set it up, and stay to serve and clean up. Need something bigger, like a wedding or large corporate picnic? Pok-e-Jo’s can handle large-scale barbecue catering in Austin without a problem.

At Pok-e-Jo’s we like to say, we absolutely love what we do. We love hosting a party, with an amazing amount of passion and a big dose of pride. The result is unwavering professionalism wrapped in a casual, laid back package.

Great barbecue catering in Austin, for 10, or 10-thousand, can be found at Pok-e-Jo’s. Head online or call the catering hotline at 512-388-7578.

BBQ Caterer In Austin

Here’s a story about your typical Austin high tech company, fighting to hire and keep the right employees by offering fun perks, like free lunch catered at the office. The HR “Director of Fun” went online to look for a BBQ caterer in Austin, and there were many to choose from. So, they picked one of the cool, trendy BBQ joints everyone moving to Austin has heard of. “People will think we’re cool,” thought the techy HR fun-Director. “I’ll go with that one.”

So, this lunch catering guru ordered BBQ, with the typical potato salad and bean sides, and set it for noon on Fun-Friday. All would be great, right?

Then comes that fateful Friday, the one built for BBQ bliss, but the caterer is nowhere to be found when it’s time for lunch. They stroll in 20 minutes late, about the time everyone is ready to eat. They drop off the food and let the HR Director set it up. Lesson Learned Number One: Make sure the lunch is ready to eat on time. Hungry employees are not happy employees.

Once everyone is ready to eat, they dig in to the sides. Beans, potato salad, coleslaw…your standard BBQ sides. Key word, “standard.” It is not fun, not memorable, nothing to tweet about. Lesson Learned Number Two: Order food that people take pictures of and post on Instagram.

What really matters is the BBQ though, right? So, people dig in to the peppery sausage, boney ribs and greasy brisket. And the meat has been sitting for quite a while, so not really what you expected. That’s ok, because this is a cool, trendy BBQ joint. But maybe not when you’re eating it at your office instead of out in the country at a 100-year old facility. Lesson Learned Number Three: Reputation is often built out of the location, not the BBQ itself.

With all these lessons already learned, the “Director of Fun” at a competing tech firm down the street knew to trust Pok-e-Jo’s as the premier BBQ caterer in Austin.

When it was time to eat – the food was there, hot and ready to serve.

When it came to the sides – there were beans, potato salad and coleslaw. But there was also jalapeño corn bread casserole, baked potato casserole, fresh sautéed veggies, fried okra and the cheesiest mac ’n cheese this side of the Pecos. Perfect for Instagram glory. All of that followed up with delicious peach cobbler.

Finally, what really matters is the BBQ. No pretense, no pretending, just the most amazing BBQ you’ll find in the Austin area. Trimmed and sliced beef brisket, pork ribs, Pok-e-Jo’s famous sausage, turkey breast and some spicy Texas pulled pork.

Glory to the Director of Fun. Glory to Pok-e-Jo’s. BBQ catering at its finest in Austin, Round Rock and all of Central Texas.

Barbecue delivery near me in Austin

Having food delivered to your home or office doesn’t just consist of pizza anymore. Try some famous Pok-e-Jo’s barbecue on for size to make your office luncheon the best you’ve had in a long, long time. Just head to the Pok-e-Jo’s website, click on Catering & Delivery, and you’ve found barbecue delivery near me in Austin.

There are several different kinds of barbecue delivery to choose from with Pok-e-Jo’s:

First, we’ve got “delivery and set up” when you want us to “host” your party. Our professional staff will arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled service time, bringing your choice of Pok-e-Jo’s menu items in disposable containers, along with disposable plates, plastic cutlery and serving utensils, Pok-e-Jo’s cups, condiments and ice. Everything will be set up as a buffet on one of your tables. We’ll make sure you’re set, then head out, leaving you to your luncheon, party or whatever your BBQ occasion may be.

Second, you can try “the pick up.” Basically, you order, you pick up, you deliver, but it’s still barbecue at your place without the fuss. Pok-e-Jo’s will do what we can to make the pick up as easy as possible. We’ll make sure everything you’ve chosen is conveniently packed in containers. We’ll even help you load it into your car and make sure you’ve got plenty of disposable plates, plastic cutlery and serving utensils, Pok-e-Jo’s cups, condiments and ice. Tell us what you’d like to order for your group, for how many and when you need it, and we’ll have it waiting for you.

Another way to order your barbecue delivery near me in Austin is to click on the “Order Online” button at the top right of our website. This takes you to a place where you can order what you want, click the delivery option, pay online, and then just wait for your barbecue to arrive. Sandwiches, full combo plates, kid’s meals, desserts and more at your fingertips. It’s as simple as that.

When it comes to barbecue delivery near me in Austin, Pok-e-Jo’s has you covered.

3 Ways BBQ Catering Near Me In Austin Can Go Wrong

Here are three ways that ordering BBQ catering near me in Austin can go wrong, and one way it can go very, very right.

1. Your BBQ catering event can go wrong when you order from a BBQ place where you can’t see smoke anywhere. Where is the meat being cooked if you can’t see a smoker, you ask? If you find out, let us know, because each of our five locations smokes all of our meat in house multiple times per day.

2. You may need to worry about the BBQ catering near me in Austin that you’re looking at for your event if they don’t give you options. Sure, that package they have with three pre-determined meats and the only three sides they offer may sound great, but for comparison’s sake, why don’t you check out the catering menu we have. With six meat options and eleven side options, you can keep your group guessing even if they’re on their third straight day of Pok-e-Jo’s. And we didn’t even mention our fajitas!

3. When you’re looking for BBQ catering near me in Austin and the place you call tells you all they can offer is for you to come pick up the food from them, you may be missing out on something. If you call Pok-e-Jo’s, you can pick up if you so choose, but we also offer delivery out to you and, if your group is big enough, full service catering. And if you choose delivery, we don’t just drive it to you, ring the doorbell, and get back in the car before you even open the door. Our driver brings it inside and lays it all out for you buffet style to make it as easy on you as possible.

If it isn’t already clear from this article, the way you can have your event go right with BBQ catering near me in Austin is to order from, you guessed it, Pok-e-Jo’s! Give our catering hotline a call any time and we’ll get you all squared away.

Catering Near Me In Austin

When you’re planning any kind of party, one of the first things you think about is what you’re going to do for food for your guests. When you get to this stage in your planning process, you can turn to the best catering near me in Austin–Pok-e-Jo’s and PEJ Events.

Pok-e-Jo’s has the BBQ and fajitas covered for your event for pick up, delivery, and full service, and PEJ Events is there for you for those looking to go above and beyond with a higher end full service experience. We go all over town, too, so you don’t have to worry about finding our catering near me in Austin. If you’re in Austin, we’re near you!

Whether its Pok-e-Jo’s or PEJ Events, our goal is to make the whole process easy on you. You can find out now! Just call, email, fill out the form on our website, you name it, and we’ll show you the best of catering near me in Austin.