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How Many Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ Restaurants Are Near Me In Austin?

Brisket at BBQ Restaurants near me in Austin

For this experiment, let’s define “near me” as within 7.5 miles. If we pick a point in Austin, how many Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ restaurants are near me in Austin? Let’s find out. 1. I’m at Zilker Park How many Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ restaurants are near me in Austin? 2 Pok-e-Jo’s Brodie Oaks is an easy 3 miles away, […]

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Catering Companies in Austin, Where to Start

If there’s one truism in the world, it’s that there’s always an event to be planned. The size of the event may make you want to throw up your arms in defeat, but before you give up, consider letting Pok-e-Jo’s shoulder the load for you. We work hard to be some of the best caterers […]

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BBQ Restaurant Nearby In Austin

BBQ restaurant nearby in Austin

Let’s face it, you’re hungry. But it’s not just that regular ordinary type of hungry where just about anything will do. You have got that type of hunger where only one thing will satiate your desires. Nothing else will suffice. You’re looking for a BBQ restaurant nearby in Austin that has everything you could possibly […]

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BBQ Near Me In Austin

bbq near me in austin

BBQ Lovers: “Pok-e-Jo’s Makes Sure There Is Always BBQ Near Me in Austin” No matter where you happen to be in Austin, there is BBQ near by, and likely a Pok-e-Jo’s! That’s one of the benefits of having been around since 1979 – it’s given us time to grow and cover a lot of the […]

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PoK-e-Jo’s Has Places to Party

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe a graduation party, or perhaps a company luncheon or get together of a social club? Well hopefully by now you know about the delicious catering that Pok-e-Jo’s has, but did you know that some of our locations also have a private space for your gatherings? Whether […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Order Catering From Pok-e-Jo’s

1. Mom said it’s your turn to make dinner for the family and you know she doesn’t want Hot Pockets or Pop Tarts 2. You and your co-workers are tired of pizza and sandwiches 3. You’re getting married and this is Texas 4. Your boss reminded you it’s your day to get lunch…and it’s 11 […]

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Vegetarians Can Eat Pok-e-Jo’s?

Yes, Pok-e-Jo’s is a BBQ place. But we are also in Austin, and that means that when you’re feeding a large group, some of those people are going to need something other than some delicious smoked meats, and some can’t have the bread that goes along with it. That’s right, we’re talking about vegetarians and […]

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12. Read the first chapter of War and Peace and then download the Cliffnotes version 11. Work on your dance moves 10. Build that IKEA furniture you bought 3 months ago 9. Grow out your moustache? 8. Do some Pok-e-Fit workouts 7. Take a power nap, you deserve it 6. Listen to the entire “Thriller” […]

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Austin’s #1 BBQ Caterer

We’re #1! We’re #1! That’s right everyone. The company that has always been #1 in your hearts is actually the #1 BBQ caterer here in Central Texas! And, in case you were wondering, #1 when you google “bbq catering austin TX” 🙂 Catering means different things to different people, and at Pok-e-Jo’s, catering means… a […]

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