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Story Time: Pork Loin is Really Good, Y’all

Brisket and Pork Loin: a Tale of Two Meats As we all know, BBQ can mean many different things to a lot of different people, mostly based on where you live and here in Texas, BBQ means brisket. While brisket is undoubtedly delicious and the state meat of Texas, Pok-e-Jo’s offers a wide variety of […]

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The PoK-e-Jo’s Food Truck: Have BBQ, Will Travel

These days, when someone talks about their favorite place to get a bite to eat, the question that is inevitably asked is: “is it a brick and mortar or a food truck?” We live in an amazing time thanks to the variety and freedom of options provided by food trucks. In Austin, alone, you can […]

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The Battle of Gonzales, “Come and Take It!”

Or as we at Pok-e-Jo’s say, “Come and Get It” On this day, October 2nd, in 1835 the opening shots of the Texas Revolution were fired outside the town of Gonzales over a canon that the Mexican government gave to the people of Gonzales to defend themselves from Comanche raids. A flag depicting the canon […]

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