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PoK-e-Jo’s Off-the-Menu Recipes: Sausage Fajitas

Have you ever wondered if the staff members at Pok-e-Jo’s ever get tired of the food? I bet you have, because I know I’ve been asked that question numerous times. Well, the answer is, “Never!” but that’s because a lot of times, we are cooking up new dishes with our ingredients to use in a […]

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PoK-e-Jo’s…That’s a Weird Name

We’re under no illusions or false pretenses. Pok-e-Jo’s is kind of a weird name. And some of the origin of the name remains a mystery, even to our owners! For instance, why is there no second ‘e’ after the ‘Jo’? What is with all of the dashes? I’m not sure we’ll ever know. Here is […]

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Brisket: A Texas (and PoK-e-Jo’s) Tradition

A few facts about Texas: our summers are hot, our chili ain’t served with beans and our BBQ is built on brisket. Pok-e-Jo’s has been serving up traditional Texas BBQ since 1979, which means we’ve been smoking briskets for 36 years now and we’ve gotten pretty good at it too. Our briskets are smoked in-house […]

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Menu Feature: Texas Style Pulled Pork

We are proud to announce the return of Texas-Style Pulled Pork to our menu, now as a permanent addition! Our recipe is a new and improved twist on a traditional southern staple, featuring a slow-smoked pork butt, pulled, and mixed with our brand new Sweet and Spicy Peach Habanero BBQ sauce. It’s great on a […]

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