Welcome to the PoK-e-Jo’s “Bone” Appetite Blog

Hello BBQ lovers, and welcome to the PoK-e-Jo’s blog! We’ve decided we want our favorite people (pssst PEJ fans… that’s you!) to get to know us a little better, so if you’re hungry for some more info on our food and our company, this blog is our way of saying “Bone” Appetite. You can expect us to give you some more info on our how we make our food, our BBQ pits, some cool things to do with your leftover BBQ, some fun off-menu things to order inspired by what our staff likes to make and eat with our food, what goes in to a catering event, some stuff that’s just plain fun, and more! So gather ’round people; we’re ringing the blogging dinner bell. Come and get it!

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