Finding Variety at BBQ Places Near Me in Austin

When I walk into most of the BBQ places near me in Austin, I pretty much know what to expect. A good variety of meats and the three standard BBQ sides: potato salad, coleslaw, and pinto beans. Don’t get me wrong, these three sides are great and are a big part of the tradition of Texas BBQ, but sometimes I’m just looking for a little something more. If only there was a place that I could go where the options of the sides to go with my sumptuous smoked meats are more than 3…

Oh, but what about Pok-e-Jo’s! With 5 locations around the Austin area, one of the BBQ places near me in Austin is almost always a Pok-e-Jo’s, and with 16 side options, I can go every day of the year and not get the same combination of items if I so choose. In fact, with 7 meat options and 16 side options, there are 10,752 combinations I could make on the two-meat plate. How is that for variety?

The variety of options at Pok-e-Jo’s doesn’t end with the sides. Feeling like going healthy, but still want that smoked meat taste? The Chef Salad gets you a big old salad with hard-boiled egg, tomato, cheese, Texas Toast as the croutons, a dressing of your choice, and a quarter pound of whatever meat you want. What about something a little off the wall or unexpected? Try one of the turkey pot pies with smoked turkey breast, carrots, and green beans in gravy beneath a flaky crust. You could even go with a BBQ sandwich or a baked potato with one the meats added. If there is a BBQ place near me in Austin with more variety, I haven’t found it. Stop in and try to count side options yourself–you’ll need both hands and to take off both shoes to get them all!