Feed Your Family Affair

Everyday, you have to make choices: What to wear? What to eat? Do I have time for breakfast? Which route should I take to work? Should I watch more videos on facebook or get back to work? Do I have time to make dinner tonight or should I just pick something up? What will my family even eat?! When it comes to what to eat for lunch and dinner, your choice has never been easier with Pok-e-Jo’s!

In addition to the great sandwiches, plates and specials that Pok-e-Jo’s offers everyday in our stores, we also offer family style packages designed to feed anywhere from a group of 3 to a hungry dozen available for pickup or dine in at any of our locations! Our packages include The Original Family Pack, The 5 Pack and the Big Deal, each includes meat, sides, sauce, bread, and condiments for your group that you can order and pickup same day

The Original Pack is designed to feed 3-4 people that includes 1 ½ pounds of any smoked meat on our menu, split up anyway you’d like, 3 pint sized side dishes of your choice, BBQ sauce, white or wheat bread or Texas Toast is also available.

The 5 Pack, as you may have already guessed, is a package made for 5, possibly 6, people that includes 2 ½ pounds of your choice of smoked meat, 4 pint sized side dishes of your choice, more BBQ sauce, bread and condiments.

The Big Deal is our largest family package that is designed to feed 10-12 adults who are ready to chow down. With 5 pounds of smoked meat, split any way you’d like, 4 quarts of sides, even more BBQ sauce, bread and condiments…it’s kind of a big deal.

With all of these packages, you’ll be able to feed any size group at a moment’s notice so the only choice you’ll have to make is “Do I wanna order order enough to have leftovers?”

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