One of the Best Catering Companies Austin Has to Offer

Pok-e-Jo’s is one of the best catering companies Austin has to offer!

Is a BBQ restaurant one of the biggest catering companies in Austin? You betcha. If all you know about Pok-e-Jo’s is that we’re a restaurant, boy have you been missing out. One of the things we really excel at is taking our show on the road and catering your event – birthday party, company party, wedding, you name it.

What I’m about to say may sound crazy, because this is Texas, and BBQ is pretty much the state food of Texas. But you don’t get to be one of the biggest catering companies Austin and Central Texas has by doing just BBQ. We bring out delicious smoked fajitas, our signature smokehouse menu, appetizers, salads, vegetarian options, and more. Seriously, just check out our Full Service menu if you don’t believe us.

Next time you’re looking for a catering company here in Austin to service your event, don’t forget about Pok-e-Jo’s. You won’t be disappointed!