5 Simple Steps To Locate The BBQ Restaurant Nearby In Austin

1. Walk outside your house.
Presumably one of the BBQ restaurants nearby in Austin is not inside your house. If so, kudos to you. You have achieved peak Texan.

2. Close your eyes and search for the smell of smoke coming from the pit.
If that BBQ restaurant nearby in Austin doesn’t have smoke coming out of it somewhere, you may be better off going to the next closest one, which admittedly is likely only another couple minutes down the road. If you smell the smoke, skip straight to number 4. Don’t smell smoke? Proceed to number 3.

3. Since you can’t smell the smoke, the wind must be blowing in the wrong direction. Open your eyes and look for that smoke.
You can probably see either the crowd gathering or the smoke in the air. Walk towards that and you’ll be getting closer to that BBQ restaurant nearby in Austin.

4. Walk, bicycle, drive, run, gallop, do whatever you have to do to get yourself there.

5. Grub down on some of Texas’s signature cuisine–some smoked BBQ meats!
Considering our 5 locations, there’s a good chance that BBQ restaurant nearby in Austin is a Pok-e-Jo’s. That means you’re in luck, because we’ve had 39 years to work on our craft and I can say from personal experience that it’s pretty dang good.