Batten Down the Hatch… Green Chiles!

Every year from early August until late September, the fields on New Mexico near the Rio Grande are filled with green plants bearing the distinct and delicious Hatch Green Chile. This chile’s flavor is bold, earthy, slightly spicy and subtly sweet with a hint of smoke. While these chiles can be roasted or frozen and made available year round, fresh hatch chiles are only available during the Hatch green chile season, and that’s why Pok-e-Jo’s, for a limited time, will now serve Smoked Hatch Green Chile Sausage at all of our locations!

Our hatch green chile sausage is an all pork sausage made with garlic, pepper and, of course, delicious hatch green chiles that is smoked to perfection and served any way you like it.
Our green chile sausage can be served in place of our original beef sausage on plates, sandwiches or by itself. And while this may be just one person’s opinion, I recommend getting a green chile sausage and chopped beef combination sandwich! Try it…seriously it’s delicious.

So come in to any Pok-e-Jo’s location and give it a try today, tomorrow or anytime until the end of September! This seasonal special is tasty but it won’t last long!