School is Back, and so is Dinner Time!

Has this ever happened to you? You have a busy day, lots of work to do, errands to run and traffic to fight and you get home only to find that there’s no time to make dinner!? With summer time coming to a close and school getting back in session, the need for a delicious and dependable dinner plan is more important than ever. That’s why Pok-e-Jo’s offers packaged BBQ meals designed to feed the whole family, quickly.

Pok-e-Jo’s Family Pack is designed to feed 3-4 people with 1 ½ pounds of any of our smoked meats, that you can split up to 3 ways, as well as 3 pints of any our sides, half of a loaf of white or wheat bread and BBQ sauce. If yours is a family of plenty, we have more packages to ensure that every mouth gets their share of the ‘Que. Pok-e-Jo’s Five Pack feeds (you guessed it) a group of 5-6 with 2 ½ pounds of smoked meat, 4 pints of sides, white or wheat bread and BBQ sauce to bring it all together!   

And what about this: your child is in an after school club or a study party shows up at your house, or worse, you become the last minute host of a preseason football game party!? If you find yourself having to feed a large group, firstly, don’t panic, secondly go online or call your neighborhood Pok-e-Jo’s and we can set you up with The Big Deal…yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. The Big Deal can feed 10-12 adults with 5 pounds of smoked meat, 4 quarts of sides with a loaf of bread and plenty of BBQ sauce!

Whether you’re feeding a small group, the whole family or the entire chess club (don’t hate), Pok-e-Jo’s can get you the tasty Que you need in a Texas minute*!


*One “Texas minute” is equal to, approximately, 10-15 standard minutes as any order you place can be completed in this amount of time.