10 Things About Back to School Season that are AWESOME

1) With kids out of the house, there’s nobody around to eat the rest of your brisket. It’s all yours!

2) More traffic, which leaves ample time for catching up on those podcasts you enjoy so much. Also, grab a sausage wrap for a mid-commute snack. You’ll thank us later.

3) It’s pretty much football season, and that’s something that we can all enjoy and agree on. Who doesn’t love a good tailgate?

4) Hatch Green Chiles are in season, so it’s time to try some of Pok-e-Jo’s special pork green chile sausage!

5) Because learning is….. Fun?

6) Time to get back to packing lunches. You know what never gets traded away? A cold left-over brisket & cheese sandwich. Also Oreos.

7) You may be stuck in class but at least it’s air-conditioned

8) You needed an excuse to buy a new shirt, since all of your other ones are still covered in BBQ sauce….#ThatllNeverComeOut

9) While we don’t recommend wasting food whatsoever, you will win any food fight with a large chopped beef sandwich and a side order of beans.

10) More Pokemon for the rest of us. Is that still a thing? We hope so. Hey, who wants a hat?