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Is There BBQ Near Me?

Is there BBQ near me? As a Texan, this is likely a question that has crossed your mind a time or two. Our researchers at Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ-niversity have come up with 6 ways to discern if there is indeed BBQ in your vicinity.

  1. Is the mouth-watering smell of smoky goodness filling my nostrils? There is BBQ near me.BBQ Near Me Food Truck
  2. Is there a food truck painted orange and yellow within eyesight? There is BBQ near me.
  3. Have all thoughts other than thoughts of brisket vacated my mind? There is BBQ near me.
  4. Do I want everything I eat to come with sides of potato salad, coleslaw, and beans? There is BBQ near me.
  5. Are my fingers and/or shirt and/or tie stained with the familiar red of BBQ sauce? There is BBQ near me.
  6. Am I standing anywhere in Central Texas, at any time? There is BBQ near me.

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